One part of saftey Promotion our management had sent, Safety Coordinator & Supervisor, included appointed Safety personnel from Stores (19 Kranji way and Kranji Link) to in-house Risk Management Training course (Biz SAFE Level 02) for two days 12th & 19th May 2013 Sundays. There were 15 safety personnel had participates in this training. The class duration was from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

risk management

Between the training the instructor was given some Risk assessment exercises to all trainees. Also the trainees had such group discussion, Question & Answer session. At the end of the training the competent certificate was provided by trainer to all participated trainees.


To provide participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge and application of the following: Risk Management Process and Culture;

Operations and Hazard Risks Control Measures; Hazard Identification Process; Methods of Risk Evaluation and Management; Legislative

Requirements on Risk Management; and Communication of Risks.

The topics covered by the course are:

Introduction to Risk Management

  • Risk Management Definition and Culture
  • Risk Management Methodology
  • Risk Management Process

Operations / Hazards Risks

  • Types of Hazards and Classifications
  • Impact of Hazards
  • Specific Hazards Control Measures
  • Mandatory Hazards Control Measures
  • Hazard Control Measures Lapses
  • Hazard Communication Programme
  • Legal and other requirements on hazard communication
  • Hazard Identification Process

Hazard Identification

  • Hazard Identification Process

Risk Management

  • Risk Identification Methods
  • Risk Assessment Methods
  • Risk Control Strategies
  • Consideration for “Reasonably Practicable Measures”
  • Project Selection Methods
  • Stakeholders consideration on acceptable and reasonably practices
  • Resources required for implementation of control measures
  • Communication of Risks

The in-hse RMC course referred to new syllabus (w.e.f. Nov 2007, governed by WHSC), and the content materials would be based on ZAP Piling main activities (e.g. lifting, WAH, piling ops, maintenance of machinery, etc).

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