Company Profile


Core Business : Piling and Civil Engineering Construction Services

BCA Work Head Registration:

  • CR08 – L6 (Piling Works for unlimited tender amount)

In addition to that, based on DP Info Credit Rating for Financial Category, the company has been rated DP1 (in year 2010) with probability of default ≤ 0.1% and stood out be ranked 458th Singapore 1000 – Top Companies by its percentage change in net profit.


ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 1989 with core businesses in Pile Foundation and Civil Engineering Works across a diverse range of building and construction projects. Since then, we have continued to explore new development and enhance programs to meet the changing needs of our clients and society so as to be always in line with the contemporary trends. Our company has reaped a bounty of awards from all of these efforts. For years, Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. had proven itself as a distinguished part of Singapore’s crème de la crème SME’s, whereby its ranked within Singapore’s Most Successful Small and Medium Enterprises based on the Annual Financial Performance criterion. The company has improved its competitive positioning, performance and service level by utilizing its business performance management through strength and commitment. Our outstanding achievement has been acknowledged and listed in the Singapore’s Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises.


We value commitment, integrity, honesty and respect in all our business dealings. The core values penetrate through our entire organization and serve as our business foundation.


We constantly strive to provide the best quality services to our clients and this has become part of our company’s mission. In recognition of this, we have been certified to international Standards by Building and Construction Authority for our achievements.

Timely delivery of work is essential in every of our project. Our company is proud to maintain its proven track record in delivering all our projects on time or even ahead of schedule.


Our company has a team of experienced and dedicated piling specialists. In addition, our engineering staffs, with many years of field experience gained on a wide variety of projects, are able to discuss design issues and to offer solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our staffs constantly upgrade their skills in order to serve our clients better. We also use a wide range of specialized and modern equipment to build foundations which suit all sorts of ground conditions.


Our company has deposited no end of efforts in Safety and Environment aspects in all facets of our operations. It has steadily fully fledged to be the organization culture towards safe-guarding the interests of our employees and the surroundings as well as advocating to our business sustainability and upholding the applicable legal requirements.


The company recognizes the imperative use of information technology to support its operations as an integral part of prerequisite to sustain its operational excellence through the integration of people, process and technology; driven by strong visionary leadership. Therefore, Project Management System (PMS) application was rollout and implemented ‘Go-Live’ on 10 February 2009. In overall, this application has resulted into achieving a well-structured synergy of ‘transformation’, consists of input, output, feedback and improvement, within the beneficiary of organization stakeholders.