Rigging in Construction Environments

This talk was arranged by the EHS Department and conducted at Sentosa Pinnacle project site on 24 August 2010.

The talk covered video presentation and revisiting of 2 case studies related to rigging accidents.

Prior to the talk, participants were asked on the following questions:

  • Who involved in rigging operations?
  • What is the inspection required for lifting operations?
  • What is the mostly used type of slings?
  • What things to consider prior to lifting?

Answers gathered from participants were positive and acceptable.

Subsequently, these following items were presented to reinforce their answers.

A. Preparation of rigging
  • Understanding the communication using hand signals (riggerman, signalman and crane operators) e.g. Lower, Hoist, Stop, Emergency Stop, Boom Down, Boom Up à with demonstration.
  • Crane and lifting equipment inspection
  • Knowing the weight capacity, size
  • Type of slings e.g. chain, wire, synthetic fabric or wire mesh
  • Type of hitches (vertical with lifting attached with eyehook/latches, basket or chocker for wide load)
  • Revisiting the sling angle for lifting.
  • Inspection of site condition before lifting e.g. danger of electrocution , lightings, overhead electric cable, etc.
B. Making the Lift
  • Using of tag line
  • No suspended load – the danger of it.
  • After lifting is done, what to do? E.g. remove the sling off the hook, etc.
  • And wearing proper PPE

Towards the end of the talk, we posted out the questions again and there were 3 persons raised their hand to answer it. The contents showed a significant understanding on this subject. Each person was rewarded with $10 NTUC Voucher.

The talk attended by 35 participants and last for 30 minutes. Free lunch provided.