1. Conducted by ZAP Piling (EHS Taskforce Team 2)
  2. Date / Time: Saturday, 20 March, 2010 / 8 – 8.45 am
  3. Venue: MCE847 project site (Attendance : 30 participants)
  4. Objective
    • To brief & re-emphasize the importance to observe on lifting safety
  5. Areas of Focus
    • Lifting / Rigging Operations
  6. Program Interventions & Results
    • Introduction to the audience on the purpose of EHS talk.
    • Brief elaboration on what they expect to watch
    • Displaying the 20-minute video on Rigging Safety
    • 5 (five) related questions given to assess the understanding on the video content, as below: (each question answered correctly is rewarded with token)
    1. What is the lifting signal to lower down the load? (as demonstrated)
    2. What is the signal to crane operator on emergency stop? (as demonstrated)
    3. What are the first thing crane operator should do before start working on the machinery?
      • He should check machinery (as in daily checklist inclusive of lifting equipment)
      • Crane operator should record the lifting activity on ‘log book’ daily.
      • Additionally, crane operator and lifting supervisor – should be a ‘buddy-buddy’ to support each other. Under the MOM regulations, lifting supervisor must know how to read the load chart while crane operator must regularly fill up the log book – fail to comply, the respective personnel is liable under the regulations.
    4. What/How to check the lifting gear prior to use it?
    5. LG No, expiry date, visual check on the condition. No expired / damaged LG shall be used on site.

    6. What should the operator do before leaving the machine for meal time / break?
    7. He should lower down the load (not to suspend it) and turn off the machine. In the event if the there is a mechanical problem to the crane while lifting operation is on-going and the load is suspended mid in the air, the crane operator should inform lifting supervisor, barricade the area and put up relevant signage. Store to be informed for mechanic to rectify the problem.

  7. Feedback
    • To conduct a regular eye examination for crane operator