1. Organised by: ZAP Piling (EHS Taskforce Team 2)
  2. Date / Time: Friday, 04 June 2010 / 11am – 1 pm
  3. Venue: 19 Kranji Way (Attendance : 31 participants)
  4. Objectives
    • To brief & re-emphasize the importance of emergency first aid while waiting for the rescue team to arrive.
  5. Areas of Focus
    • Occupational First Aid and emergency preparedness
  6. Program Interventions & Results
    • Introduction to the audience on the purpose of the talk.
    • Brief elaboration on the talk contents.
    • There are several videos shown on the importance of first aid during the emergency situation.
    • Demonstration on the CPR and brief hands-on the emergency situation.
Talk Contents
First Aid – General Disorder of Breathing
1.Importance of First Aid Asthmatic attack
2.First Aid Box item and its uses Hyperventilation
3.Emergency Action Plan
Disorder of conscious CPR
Faint 1. CPR – One man rescuer (Heart Saver)
Fits Recovery Position
Diabetic coma
Stroke Choking – Conscious & Unconscious
Fever (First Aid) Heimlich Manoeuvre/ Chest Thrust
Burns (simple burns treatment)
first aid

first aid