The purpose of this SAFE MANAGEMENT MONITORING PLAN (COVID-19) is to prepare Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. And comply with the current Pandemic Outbreak protocol for work to commence immediately after the clearance granted by BCA or any other government agencies in any of Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. project site. In addition, this has been developed to ensure adequate measures are being taken to ensure safety and health of all employees working on Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. projects. All Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. sites are expected to implement preventive measures whenever possible to minimize network failure and to recover as rapidly as possible when a failure occurs.

This plan identifies vulnerabilities and recommends necessary measures to prevent and or minimize impact to operations. It is a plan that encompasses all Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. system sites and operations facilities.

The primary objectives of the plan are to:

* Maintain Critical Business Functions.
* Implement a system of Safe Management Measures at workplaces.
* Appointment of Safe Management Officer(s) (SMO) and their duties.
* Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at workplaces.
* Support contact tracing requirements.
* Control access at the workplace.
* Ensure that employees have safe access to facility.
* Provision of require personal protective equipment and observe good personal hygiene.
* Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises.
* Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases.
* Protect vital records.
* Ensure that they are accessible under all conditions.

Information in the plan must be understood by and accessible to everyone in the organisation. Details of the following should be included:

Key tasks of all roles and responsibilities of those included in the SAFE MANAGEMENT MONITORING PLAN (COVID-19) and reference information for contact details etc.

Steps that must be taken to protect individuals (staff, customers, third parties) during the Safe Management Monitoring.

Steps that must be taken from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective in order to respond to the Safe Management Monitoring.

Steps that must be taken to attempt to Control Safe Management Monitoring and prevent further loss, disturbance, or unavailability of prioritised activities.

Guidelines on record-keeping requirements during and after an encounter (what needs to be recorded and where, where the records are kept, etc.).

Prioritised recovery objectives and the actions/steps necessary to achieve them, together with relevant information and details about the resources required.

Any other actions or tasks that will be required to ensure the success of the SAFE MANAGEMENT MONITORING PLAN (COVID-19).


The scope of this plan is covers all workforce of Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. and its sub-contractors.

In additions, this plan is designed to ensure compliance to all applicable regulations,
guidelines and advisories by relevant authorities.

Employer Declarations

All employer shall complete the Employer Declaration to ensure all worker are well taken care off during the Circuit Breaker period. Employer are to be responsible of the worker health and ensure they are fit for the day before allowing the worker to work on Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. project site. Employer shall also ensure all workers has completed the Stay Home Notice as per Singapore government requirement. Employer shall also declare all their employees has completed the mandatory swab test by MOH and ensure they are disease free.

SMO are to assist in the implementation, coordination and monitoring of the system of Safe Management Measures at the workplace. For unionised companies, union leaders or WSH officers could be appointed as SMOs. The duties of the Officer(s) include:

Coordinating implementation of Safe Management Measures: This includes identifying relevant risks, recommending and assisting in implementing measures to mitigate the risks, and communicating the measures to all personnel working in the workplace.
Conducting inspections and checks: Officer(s) must conduct inspections and checks to ensure compliance at all times. Any noncompliance found during the inspections should be reported and documented.
Remedying non-compliance: Immediate action should be taken to remedy any non-compliance found during the inspections and checks.
Keeping records of inspections and checks: Records of the inspections and checks conducted and corrective actions taken must be kept and made available upon request by a Government Inspector.

Covid-19 Social Distancing Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities:

To ensure that every employee on the workplace adhered to the social distancing throughout the course of work.

Below are the roles and responsibilities of the Covid-19 social distancing supervisor:

Ensure worker adhered to social distancing on the mode of transport to and from the workplaces

Ensuring the driver sanitize the lorry after the employee alight from the vehicle

He shall also ensure that worker are not to mingle or be on the same proximity with other employees

Being a constant onsite presence to monitor compliance with social distancing of 1meters between all personnel onsite (with the exception of planned close working instances).

In instances where there is non-conformance with social distancing the Safe Management Officer is to intervene.

At all times promote and coach good hygiene practices to all personnel onsite.

Ensure hand wash liquid/soap and hand sanitizers are replenished as required.

Ensure site personnel are adhering to staggered break time schedules and limiting numbers in canteens and smoking areas adhering to the 1-meter social distancing guideline.

Ensure site personnel leaving site at designated breaks remove their site PPE and continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines

Report any areas of non-compliance to site management and ensure these are addressed

Assisting in contact tracing should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Management of Staff Discouraging Activities with Close or Prolonged Contact(HQ & Stores / yard)

Staffs who are authorized to commute to site shall not enter the workers dormitory to avoid any interaction with workers. Staffs that are rostered for tele-commuting shall not return to the office. If required, the staff shall obtain prior approval from Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. All communications shall be done through video/conference calls, email, WhatsApp or any other electronic means. There shall be no physical meeting. If required, meeting shall be set not more than 5 attendees and not more than 15 minutes. Social distancing shall be adhered at all times and wearing of mask in mandatory.

Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at workplaces (Construction Sites)

Social Distancing on project site requirement (Construction Sites) As per Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower guideline and advisories, all workplace shall adhere to the 1-meter social distancing. To ensure compliance to the regulations, advisories and guidelines, Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. will ensure all employees adhered to the social distancing measures. Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. will deploy Social Distancing Officer on the project site to ensure all workforces comply to the measures. Those who fail to abide to the measure despite being given a verbal or written warning will be barred from the project site immediately. Subcontractors shall always ensure compliance and adhere to all the signages. Below are some of area where worker is to adhere to social distancing:

* Health Declaration booth & Temperature screening booth
* Rest / Meal area
* Toilets & Smoking area
* Site office & Site entry and exit
* Worker transportation holding point
* Work area

Segregation of Work Stations (HQ)

Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. have set up alternate teams of employees (e.g. Team A, Team B & Team C) who can be deployed at different work schedules. The teams should be physically segregated to avoid the risk of infection between teams. Zap Piling office consist of 3 combined office units, in order to combat and segregate the possibilities of exposure, management has agree to erect temporary partition to separate 3 office spaces and segregate all employees base on work functions.

Office Arrangements (HQ & Stores / Yard)

All non-essential site personnel should be encourageed to work from home where possible - usual supports required

Cross - Train employees and establish covering arrangements to minimize disruptions

Educate employees on infection control and personal hygiene

Personnel working in offices should be dispersedelo so there is always a social distance of 2m

Eliminate non-essential visitors attending offices

Ensure adequate supply of appropriate Personal Protection Equipemnt (PPE) and medical equipemnt (e.g. thermometers, disposal gloves, surgical masks, reusable mask, N-95 masks and disinfectants) and undertake training to familiarize employee on their usage

Keep Main doors open where possible to reduce persons touching door handles etc.

Safe Distancing to and from Work (Construction Sites)

The Ministry of Manpower and Land Transport Authority issued an advisory on Safe distancing measures for worker ferried by lorries. Employer shall ensure the following measure are to be complied. Below are the measures to be undertaken by respective employer:

Review maximum seating capacity to ensure occupants are seated with personal space of minimum 0.496 sqm and 25% reduction of the Maximum Passenger Capacity (MPC) allowable for each lorry.

Clearly mark sitting location

Workers should not talk or interact at all times while on the motor vehicle

Arrange additional trips or lorries, if necessary

Ensure workers always wear masks

Communicate these safe distancing measures to your driver and employees

Sanitize the lorry/bus after every batch Demarcation of Work Zone to Prevent of Cross Contamination (Construction Sites)