Dear All,

Early this week, Mr. Patrick Leo highlighted on the importance of Hearing Protection program on site; especially for those people who are potentially exposed to an equivalent sound pressure level of 85 dBA over an 8-hour work day (e.g. Driven Piles activity and Bored piling ‘kelly bar’ sound).

Under Workplace Safety and Health (Medical Examinations) Regulations, they shall undergo yearly audiometric examination. Attached is the Factories (Noise) Regulation that stipulates the noise control duties and monitoring measures, for your perusal.

Furthermore, in our reading, we realise that this issue is relevant due to a recent study in Spain, US and New Zealand in which discovered that noise related hearing loss is one of the most widely spread professional illnesses. (Read on below)

Thus, we would like to encourage our staffs to be aware of this matter and for compliance as well.

And, this/coming week is a holiday festive season;

But for SAFETY, it takes no Holiday.

It remains as always our TOP priority.

Wish you All for a blessed Christmas..

May its Spirit brings Peace, Love and Joy in our Heart.

Have a good weekend and Holiday… Enjoy !!


David Simon.