Dear All,

I am sharing the accident claim case and our findings in the course of records compilation.

The accident happened on 29 January 2010 at Kranji 2 during lifting of sheet piles operations.

The Riggerman was hit by the overturned sheet piles that collapsed towards him. One third of this left foot was fractured and sustained a laceration.

Currently, this injured worker (Riggerman) is claiming for a compensation through his lawyer.

In his statement of claim, the attention was given to the Operations Manager of the company (at Kranji 2) and he also challenged the competency of crane operator, lifting supervisor and the overall site compliance towards WSH regulations (see attached Lawyer letter). His lawyer has also demanded an interview with those people involved plus the person in charge of Safety at that time.

For now, the EHS Department is following up to gather relevant records to counter off his claim statements.

All (Kranji 2) EHS records were scrutinized and flipped over in order to justify our defend.

As lesson learnt, based on this incident, AGAIN on behalf of the EHS Department, we would like to highlight to all Sites and Stores to PLEASE strictly follow the ‘fundamental’ EHS compliance as stipulated in WHSA. Few to mention are as follow:

  1. To conduct the Activity Based – Risk Assessment, get it approve and review.
  2. To brief the team on the RA – maintain the record!! (with signature) – In the First Day at work Orientation and Daily Toolbox Meeting.
  3. To appoint the person who involves in that activity e.g. crane operator, lifting spv, rigger/signal, First aider, etc by using the Appointment Letter Form (available in PQP folder) – get their signatures.
  4. To maintain the certificates of competent people who perform the job, LM, LG, Factory Permit, EMA License, etc.
  5. To conduct and maintain the machinery Daily Checklist and the Crane Log book.
  6. To implement the Permit to Work System

We urge all our teams to be aware of above practices.

And don’t ‘flee’ from the scene if/after anything happens, especially when the site has poor substandard practices.

SAFETY is everyone’s RESPONSIBILITY and everyone’s LIABILITY as well.

And It has been evident (based on WHSA and few cases) that no one is spared for EHS non-compliance (from top to lower management).

One said, the more ‘digit’ or bigger ‘number’ in your pay-check would definitely demand for your extra attention to safeguard the safety compliance and to carve up liability towards non-compliance. You might agree or either not.

But anyway, any claim case as above would definitely increase our company cost of doing business (the renewal of insurance cost, opportunity costs, resources spent, etc) and it ultimately will ‘hurt’ the bottom line of our revenues, profits and also future business opportunity.

And if that thing prolongs, we as an employee will suffer from the blow too. It’s obvious.

Attached is the company ‘50 Good Practices’ as discussed previously; for your reminder and compliance.

Any doubt, you may refer to EHS Department for clarification.

Take care and have a good weekend.


David Simon.