As recent inclement weather conditions in Singapore, it poses significant EHS hazards in company operations as compared with during normal weather.

Below exercise has pointed out several potential EHS hazards and applicable control measures for your considerations and improvements on site.

Please feel free to feedback /advice.


Heavy rains increase the potential EHS hazards and occurrence of incidents at construction sites, as follow:

  • Development of slippery surfaces and muddy site conditions, reduced of grip on tools / equipment and caving in of the dug out surface – Slip and Fall hazards.
  • A high probability of wet electrical cables becoming ‘live’ – Electrical shortcut, fire and burn.
  • Flooding and overflow of sewage systems – Public inconvenient and water pollution to public drain.
  • Strong winds which can loosen attached materials, destabilize cranes and other heavy machinery, and make objects fly around — Struck by falling object.
  • Potential mosquito breeding spots (e.g. stagnant water at drip tray, pot holes, roofing, etc) – Environmental Health issue.
  • Lightning strikes – fatality / injury / damaged of property.
  • Site activities (e.g. piling and lifting works) shall stop in the event of a heavy rain.
  • Conduct and review RA and SWP for working during inclement weather conditions.
  • Place appropriate warning signs, especially near potholes, excavated areas, genset and incomplete structures.
  • Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.
  • Ensure site office and heavy equipment are equipped with lighting protections; and earthing points for genset.
  • Place site equipment at high level / dry sheltered areas / site store room.
  • Ensure no electrical cables lying uncovered on site (e.g. from DB box) and use only industrial approved power/electrical equipment.
  • Ensure there is no self-modified materials/parts attached to any machinery (e.g. plywood / zinc roofing on top of cranes’ cabin).
  • Turn off utilities at the main switches / gensets. Disconnect electrical appliances in site office before calling off the day / over the weekend.
  • Ensure good drainage at construction site to prevent flooding. If necessary, arrange for water pumps to avoid flooding.
  • Adequately train workers so they become adept at recognizing weather related hazards (e.g. by staying away from uncovered open area during heavy rain / lightning). Site personnel to maintain briefing record in the toolbox meeting.
  • Ensure site housekeeping is properly maintained (e.g. waste material, plywood / zinc sheet plates, food containers, etc).
  • Put on appropriate protective wear / waterproof coat and follow strictly the safety measures.
  • And lastly, to advocate the benefits of eating healthy, especially on wet cold days.
  • Tune in to radio broadcasts for weather updates.
  • Call the Meteorological Service Division (MSD) for the weather forecast at 65427788.
  • Visit for the latest “Weather Report”.
  • You can also contact PUB’s 24-hour Call Centre 1800 2846600 to check the flood situation, ask for assistance or report obstructions in drains.
  • or SMS to 9034 3430 for weather update.

Hope the above information is beneficial.