Fig 2. Bundling of water barriers | Fig 3: Loading water barriers on purpose designed racks

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Another Falling from Height related accident.

Thus, no wonder MOM emphasizes strictly on the Falling Protection Plan to be implemented by early year 2012.

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David Simon.

From: WSH Bulletin

Sent: Wednesday, 1 December, 2010 6:02 PM

Subject: WSH Alert – Worker Fell from Lorry Loader (Lorry Crane)

1 Dec 2010, Ref: 1011078

WSH Alert – Worker Fell from Lorry Loader (Lorry Crane)


A worker passed away in hospital from injuries sustained in a fall from a lorry loader (lorry crane) while stacking water barriers on the lorry bed. After arranging one tier of water barriers, the worker reportedly stood on top of the water barriers and continued with the stacking of a second tier of water barriers on top of the first. The top of each barrier measured 0.13m wide, and with the water barriers unsecured and unstable, the worker would not have had a firm footing. He was believed to have slipped, fell and landed about 2.15m below on the road, striking his head against a road kerb.

  1. Conduct risk assessment: Conduct a risk assessment to identify all hazards and the risks involved before starting any work. Control measures and safe work procedures must be established and implemented. In this incident, the hazard of falling from height could be identified, and appropriate control measures implemented to mitigate the associated risks.
  2. Ensure safe work methods: In this case, standing on unsecured and unstable materials is not a good practice. To avoid the need to work at height, bundling the water barriers at the ground level before loading unto the lorry would have been better (see Fig 2). Alternatively, having the water barriers loaded unto purpose designed racks could be considered (see Fig 3).
  3. Ensure adequate supervision: Establish adequate supervision to ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner.
Fig. 1 Photograph showing  re-enactment of the accident

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