Mission, Vision and Policy

Our Mission

To complete OUR Project Safely – On Time, Within budget and As specified.

Our Vision

Building a Strong Foundation In Quality, Safety and Environmental Commitments Is The Key To Our Success.

QEHS Policy

The Management and staff of Zap Piling Pte. Ltd. are committed to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of our established Integrated Management System in all aspect of our operation.

We strive/determine to achieve and enhance our Customer Satisfaction in accordance with the Quality of Product and Timely Completion through Consistent Services and Competent Human Resources.

Environmental, Health and Safety
We are aware of the Environmental, Safety and Health significant impact to our employees and interested parties. We hereby have determined our commitment to:

  • Zero In - on occupational safety, health and environmental friendly work practices and compliance to legal and other requirements and regulations.

  • Achieve - our objectives and targets through preserving natural resources, prevention of pollution, injury and ill-health as well to promote effective communication within company staffs and interested parties.

  • Promote - continual improvement of EHS through constant training and sustainable management planning.