Lifting Operation Briefing at Jurong Gateway Project (Lend Lease Singapore) – Part 01

On 09/06/2011 at 1300hrs, EHS Dept had conducted a briefing on lifting operation and also on other issued with regard to EHS related matter at 777 Jurong Gateway Project, client: Lend Lease Singapore.

The briefing was attended by ZAP Piling project team and client’s representative.

Few areas were highlighted as follow:

  1. Every bored hole that is completed, it has to be covered and secured.
  2. Crane operating near the reserved line has to be secured; and tie-back system has to be done.
  3. Every site personnel working near the bored hole must put on the body harness at all times and hook onto strong anchor point.

After the briefing all the workers shouted the safety slogan, a bold EHS slogan toward ZERO Accident and SAFE working environment.

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